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The greatest interactive multimedia experience you’ve ever seen, now on a 3 CD-ROM collectors’ set

My love languages are incomprehensible ululating and late 2000s reality TV

Seriously considering buying tickets for the Voodoo Glow Skulls

You bet your ass I’m back on my sitting on a bus bullshit

Success by choice
Moist by medical condition
Angry by politics
Gently rolled in rice flour by recipe
Legend by destiny

When slow dancing, always leave enough space for Jesus. And Jonathan. And Iggy. And these Beanie Babies.

Termite sex, variation on an advertisement trope, deliberate misinterpretation of something for comedic purposes 

My queen is dead

I only want to fuck

Programming a computer 

Just realized my least favorite thing with programming C++ over the years wouldn't be fixed with "coding guidelines" so much as "personality trait guidelines."

Hell is other C++ programmers.

Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to lower your voice. This is a Euro-style bistro/bakery lounge experience. Save it for the Tex-mex fusion fast casual place you clearly frequent.

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