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The riots are gonna be in like 2 weeks, why is San Francisco locked down TODAY?

I’ve owned the Truck Nutz fan page on Facebook since 2009 and have been getting increasingly unhinged in my DMs

The Gift of the Magi, but both people sold their butt implants to buy one another recliners


Dream about an arcade 

There was a game that was designed just to draw users back into the arcade regularly. You registered a user ID on the machine and the levels were extraordinarily easy, but each time you beat a level it was game over and you paid to play the next. But there was a new level added every week and it was like a space opera serial. New players got hooked pumping in quarters catching up to the current point in story, regulars would come in weekly to play the next chapter.

My brain: here’s a cool dream about you dying in a plane crash, what do you think?
Me: I really didn’t like that
My brain: Really? Here’s 8 more!

I’ve learned a lot about fuses this week. Living in an old house teaches many useless lessons.

The end goal here is to keep your expectations of me so stultifyingly, insultingly low that it is inevitable I exceed them.

Just imagine: a 5-story ice rink. You take the icevators or the icetairs up to another level of ice. This would not be an architectural absurdity.

Linux computer mention 

Back on my bullshit (configuring i3 to try to make it so I actually use it this time)

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 in a Hometown Buffet

I voted for Joe Biden in 2020 in my apartment, hunched over my dining table in pajamas

This probably means something, I don’t know

‘cmake’ is the way an eight year old spells ‘snake’

Ah yes, the three sexes:

1. Whoa whoa whoa
2. Yes please
3. (Car horn noise)

What are the criteria you want to see in an instance maybe I can host one also no themes just not being a shit I can run a host and ban the homophobes and shit

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