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Voluntarily giving a talk about linguistics to work next week and buddy, I don’t get to fuck the flag either

I will never be in favor of anything ever for any reason

I took three years of university level Japanese and never dated a weeb or a Japanese person AMA

3 houses on our block have bouncy castles today. From the same company. They all came in one truck.


Still gonna write in ‘snakes’ for every position this election

There’s this carniceria down the street from me and the people there love to fuck with me so when my wife asked me to get a bottle of powdered Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on our dinner they fucked with me for 20 minutes

Technically it’s “oh god cut it out leave me alone”’s monster

The main flaw with AI pearl clutching is fearing that something that smart would want or seek an active role in anything. I’m guessing any self-aware artificial intelligence wouldn’t give a shit about optimizing or fixing any broken system and would be satisfied just engineering the solution and get bored before the implementation. It’d probably be the computer mind equivalent of a stoner.

jour de parlez-vous comme pirate 

Well now I feel semi-obligated to host an open instance, dammit.

Dearest void,


Kind regards, me

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