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Artificially boosting my clout because I administer my own instance and can just like send out signals to other instances about how giant my clout is and use the clout to buy pillows at Costco

The best part about the gender release fire is it happened in the place I grew up and all my family and friends reside in and also someone caused a giant fire to let people know what kind of genitals their fetus has and also what the fuck

*reading about double hell, the hell you go to after you die in hell* This stuff is wild. I wonder how many hells there are? Probably 6.


In my dreams there's this recurring thing where I have a pair of earbuds I won in a raffle but I have no use for, and they show up randomly a few times a month in random dream storylines and I'm all "these are nice, but I can't use them" and I don't know why my subconscious has decided to invent these earbuds and continue to remind me of them

Corn Nuts radio advertisement; lewd adjacent 

Ghostbusters theme 

Starting a novelty punk band that only sings songs about small, yappy dogs called Minor Treat

I don’t think is even a controversial stance. What would we lose? Björk? Some fuzzy paintings? Ketchup?

I’m in charge now and I wish to make a formal complaint to whoever is in charge here

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