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For my 37th birthday my wife is inviting all her friends over and we’re gonna watch Beetlejuice and get large sandwiches from Darby Dan’s

3 dogs sharing one neck because yes, this is how you assemble an effective guardian of the underworld

I’m sorry for being so awful. Not sorry enough to put any effort into meaningful change, mind you. But I know I’m bad and I feel bad. Just not bad enough to stop being bad.

*looking at guy winning at blackjack in a casino* this guy lucks

*Looking at a picture of Curly from the Three Stooges* this guy nyuks

*Looking at a guy putting his shirt in under his waistband* This guy tucks

*Looking at a person doing prep at a seafood bar* This guy shucks

I kind of empathize with the far right moral panic about the Super Bowl Halftime. I remember when I saw a halftime show when I was 12 and started having sexual thoughts about the refreshing taste of Pepsi.

Trader Joe’s has furikake now so guess what’s been sprinkled on all my food recently

Hon Hon Hon! Real Monsters! (FR) {{DVDRip CC ££xxTHE CARTOONMANxx£££}}.torrent

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