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Thinking about adding a “don’t hurt my feelings” clause to my next open source software license.

Watching the Bill Burr episode of The Mandalorian and he just keeps complaining about young people

You, a fool: I’ll use the Apple face lock on my phone
Your son, a 1 year old fool: My face unlocks it
Me, wisely: What the fuck, we can’t trust face recognition

We regret to inform you that for the third year in a row that the invitation has a typo. It will not be a morning with Satan, it will be a morning with Santa. We, again, apologize for the confusion.

- Management

I consider this a moral issue: if I don’t eat potato chips for breakfast, who will?

I upgraded Mastodon to 3.0.1 two and a half months late and that’s why we can’t have nice things.

Should I go to bed on time or stay up until 3:00 watching YouTube retrocomputing channels?

I can’t make a poll in this app so I’m going to just go ahead and do the latter.

A gentle misting of asphalt-tinged rainwater and Diet Pepsi

One thing that’s neat about the Bay Area is the constant flow of shitty tech swag trickles down so you’ve got 80 year old ladies walking their dogs in Github employee hoodies and dudes on the bus wearing baseball caps from 2016 O’Reilly conferences

Probably the dumbest Aristocrats joke you will ever hear 

I talk about diarrhea a lot but that’s only because of my constant diarrhea

🎵I don't want a lot for Christmas🎵
🎵Just revenge on everyone🎵
🎵Hear them plead and cry for mercy🎵
🎵Make them pay for what they’ve done🎵
🎵I just want destruction reaped from what they sow🎵
🎵Powdered bones underfoot like snow🎵
🎵Make my wish come true🎵
🎵All I want for Christmas you’ll rue🎵

My brain is bad and the fact that I have to watch this dumb sketch several times a year is evidence of such:

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