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I got a pedicure for the first time ever yesterday and now my feet are raw and sore. People enjoy this?

I’m really enjoying the Sel and Hyperlink podcast, it’s been my commute time fun time for the past few days

When your new sink absolutely has to fucking *mean* it because you’re tired of fake, two-faced sinks taking you for a ride

Feeling sassy with my new pose and outfit. Looks like I’m walking around in my underwear and that is hilarious.

Say what you will, this children’s toy is fun for all ages. Fuck off with your fidget spinners, look at this array of clips and fasteners and think about how much fun it would be to open and shut them. I’m having that fun right n-...GET OUT OF HERE, KID! ...That fun right now.

As a glasses wearer, I am often amazed at the things non glasses wearers can’t see/read. I think glasses should be mandatory. Based on what most of you can’t read on road signs you’re all dangers.

I am the Naya’s Sunday Morning Nap disturber. I have disturbed before and I will unrepentantly disturb again.

Don’t worry, I will commit egregious murders in the course of my morning commute. With my gun.

Sitting at the bus stop and hissing nonstop at people who walk by, in memoriam of dead possum

Sad news: someone hit the neighborhood possum with a car. Hope there’s garbage and people’s gardens in heaven, bud.


When “student loan forgiveness” scammers call you, keep in mind the amount you tell them you owe should be under $8 million dollars (based on my experience)

Sorry toot.jasonscheirer was down, I thought they were bluffing when they said they'd shut down my server just because I "stopped paying for it with a valid credit card."

I really need to get my shit together with things like this before I can be trusted to admin a multi-person instance.

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