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Out of all the squads I’ve unlocked in Into the Breach, I have to say I like Flame Behemoths the best. I have yet to unlock the Ice guys and the Secret Squad though.

Two wolves diverged inside me and I took the one less haggard. That has made all the difference.

Someday I wish to achieve the supreme level of chill that SamTrans bus drivers live on.

*Randy Newman voice* 🎵You got a couple wolves in me🎵

making light of measles because the Spanish word for it sounds cool 

I wish the South American market next to the bus stop were open so I could buy some disgusting transit treats. An Inca Kola and a Bimbo snack cake with too many preservatives sounds great right now.

My greatest wish 

Hey fediverse has anyone out there got any experience with fires and/or burning? My kitchen is currently engulfed in flames and from everything I've read that's generally a pretty bad thing. I really need some help or advice about this. I've been trying to inhale all the smoke myself to stop it ruining my furniture but there's just too much and it's actually pretty hot.
Boosts would be appreciated, this might be a long shot but I'm sure someone else out there has had this problem too.

🎵And I think it’s kind of funny🎵

🎵I think it’s kind of sad🎵

🎵The dreams where I am hungry🎵

🎵Hi, hungry, my name’s dad🎵

a horse and its dog cannot be indicted for the same crime

I have already banned the librem instance a week ago but it only applies to me. Sorry I guess I should host a full on anyone goes instance too at this point.

I must ask this simple favor of each and every one of you: please don’t hit me with your car.

long dream 

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