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you know how they make see-through fleshlights now so you can see the action. well what i’m saying is i think they ought to do the same with toasters

*climbing into restaurant patio over the gate, knocking every chair over as I hurdle toward your table* I JUST FOUND THIS AWESOME ONLINE QUIZ, IT TELLS YOU WHAT HOGWARTS HOU-*team of muscular security officers tackle me to the ground*

Cursed garage sale! Boost and ill give you a cursed item!

I miss that one week years ago when “surf’s up” was a meme on Twitter.

The Hub magazine (1884), asking the real questions, like: what if horses ran for president

I just ordered 2 new mechanical keyboards so here I go into a new semi-expensive hobby

One goat with large hooves and brown ears screams at the sun

friend of mine is giving a talk on how roguelikes are the only type of postcolonial digital art. his argument is that 100%ing a game is an inherently imperialist pursuit and that games like dwarf fortress (despite the fact that you're literally taking over land and building a colony on it) inherently fight against that by not having objectives, instead you simply exist in a world that happens around you and does not exist for you

Human baby attempting ec 

A Fonzie scheme is a Ponzi scheme which takes advantage of people thinking Fonzie is cool and join to be like him

"swamp bussy" I said, just before an arrow passed through my trachea

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