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jazz was born out of ska though! most modern music borrows liberally from counterculture white ska musicians of the last century.

the roaring ska clubs of the 1920's, where rude boys would party late into the night to pick it up pick it up pick it up pick it up pick it up.

wearing those checkerboard pattern clothes because it was all you could purchase back then because of the war rationing.

(1920s ska is a rich fiction this is now headcanon for me.) @hanny i was lookin for photos of mr blobby to make a spoof tinder account with and Excuse me What the Fuck

yall.. i just finished my history test and masto fucking helped me. i didnt know shit about the US presidents and i had to connect their names to a quote related to the cold war. the only reason i knew who said "tear down this wall" was because of @buttcannon 's "gay ronald reagan: mr gorbachev, stretch out these walls" post. thanks i guess

getting banned for life from barnes and noble for kicking in the door decked out in red with my face painted white, terrorizing customers as the awful spectre of borders

making mr. show references in 2019 to flex on nerds born after 9/11

tired: damnit
wired: dang it
inspired: dag narbit

The Meadowlands by The Wrens is an album that still holds up. God damn it’s good.

True detective season 3 

One would think that waking up every morning at 3:00 AM would grind a person down into dust. In fact, because humans are 90% water, it is more of a paste or a slurry.

Forcing my family to watch YouTube series about retrocomputing, as a bit

taking a break from mastodon... this site is unhealthy for me. i was typing a post then i slipped on a banana peel and my dick flew into the garbage disposal at the exact same time my hand accidentally hit the power switch

food, shitpost 

@nuttgodd wowie zowie almost 100 days ago and here I am, proud owner of a wound cube. I feel actualized #nutttour

My son’s first words will be “pretty bird” and I am absolutely determined to make it happen.

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