I am doing polls right!

hookup culture 

who is the man in the suit? who is the cat with the beak? 

@pbandkate @momjeans Oh wow how do you feel about grooming backlogs and customizing fields?

Important question about police and insurance (US): 

@larrydavis *fights in skeleton* ah ah ah a-ok mi amici (we also learn Italian)

@larrydavis sorry turns out dril was right and we all got drafted into the skeleton war

If I were accused of being the coolest thing on two wheels on my instance I would simply embrace it, and be the coolest thing on two wheels.

@kasia got through the first two words and was all “oh wow they’ve taken to the waters” then I finished the sentence and I was all “excelente”

Jessica Rewatches Star Trek 2009 (Alcohol Involved) 

It is Saturday night my dudes. Time to get fucked up at the BAR*.


@PublicChaffinch People who come to the Sara Lee factory tour always asking me if they can fuck the biscuits. Buddy,,,

@Dayglochainsaw Github pages, you can point your own custom domain at it if you don’t want nerdy-ass you.github.io as the URL. You can use their Jekyll engine or something like Hugo to build the pages. Free.

The 💅🏻 makes sense because I use it ironically so much, but I don’t recall using 🌹 any time recently

@kasia oh hell yes love to read no-longer-canon Jimmy Buffet Extended Universe Fiction too

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