lewd, weird fetishes 

@laurie you’re the local expert on gay, the news station calls you for gay questions

@cadence just shared this in the general chat in every instance I’m on

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 in a Hometown Buffet

I voted for Joe Biden in 2020 in my apartment, hunched over my dining table in pajamas

This probably means something, I don’t know

@directhex it only makes sense, the virus is shaped like a ball with little razors on it which is an obvious metaphor for how it wrecks your balls

‘cmake’ is the way an eight year old spells ‘snake’

Ah yes, the three sexes:

1. Whoa whoa whoa
2. Yes please
3. (Car horn noise)

@Louisa so just an instance where at midnight each day someone is the murderer

What are the criteria you want to see in an instance maybe I can host one also no themes just not being a shit I can run a host and ban the homophobes and shit

@Dee She goes by Kathryn now and she’s a junior accountant for a Fortune 100 company.

She keeps a set of metal silverware in her desk drawer just in case her lunch comes with a plastic spork, just to avoid being recognized.

@lilletale At your local Wherehouse, Sam Goody, or Crown Books CD section

Track listing

1. Sexual computer
2. Butt magic
3. Rap about Ramps (feat. lil’ Rampy)
4. The moon reminds me of Yoshi sometimes
5. Hair spray
6. Spaghetti spray
7. Hair spray II (LA hair spray)
8. Dog blues
9. I went to the discount mall
10. America has problems and I’m the one to talk about it
11. 10 minutes of saxophone (instrumental)
12. Lawn mower powered food truck
13. Hidden track

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