Hi my name is Greg Pebbles and I’m here to teach you about performative liberalism

@peptostate @chillallmen not to support your point but from what I have heard Unix is a successor to Multics run by some ancestral incels


@natalie yeah I like mine but haven’t really found a decent use for it in the few years I’ve had it


@dankwraith right now I’m using a ripped-off lua library that does mode 7 style graphics because I refuse to understand real 3D, the thing we’ve taken for granted in games since 1994


@bclindner @ItsJenNotGabby I’m sorry but you have to learn Linux to use the computers in the Sicilian IKEA we all live in now, pursued by roving bands of furries who we must distract with fake arrows on the ground in the showroom so they cannot find us. Once you can post from the Linux command line on this raspberry pi you can resume your fediverse experience.

not so much body horror as body very stupid 

@alexander @Aleums A potato who was given sentience by a wizard practicing some spells, who subsequently made his fortune, and now has grudgingly come to accept that though many of his comrades will be brutally eaten, the least he can do is make them comfortable in their final days through this public information campaign.

self-roast thread 


Twitter: people loudly and stupidly yelling at celebrities

Mastodon: everyone on an instance is now cosplaying as furniture

@Aleums call it by its name (Toombs) or you’re engaging in IKEA culture erasure

(Also 6 months later: the paper inevitably rips and they get riddled with holes and make your house look like a haunted midcentury garbage house)

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