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Doctor Seuss gets into some Eldritch God Forbidden Knowledge in his books.

Human baby, ec 

This is the only Linux book in my bookshelf. Yeah, I’ve been known to make my own packages. I’ve been known to update-alternatives. You could say I’m a and I guarantee my headwear is not a or even a . Haters can apt-get a life. Debian since 1999.

Am I doing it right?

Human baby holder 

The first picture of me tagged on Facebook. I was following the Mountain Goats down the west coast leg of their Get Lonely tour IIRC.

Human baby 

Human baby 

Thoughts at 3:30 AM: why are all these lemons here? Is this some sort of lemon party?

You, a fool: I like to drink cola! It’s a sparkly treat!

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