Talking about computers 

All these years I was all "how the hell do people know what they can do to an app with Applescript?" and today I discovered `File | Open Library...` in the Script Editor app.

I have done you the favor of saving you the work of having to go through a chart to determine which vibes I give off as well as determining the vibes for you, as I am a charitable person.

The best thing about working for idiotic startups with no future is the socks

“Happy birthday?” Noooo
“It’s your day!” That’s shit
“Congratulations!” Pandering

Genius brain:

CW: Cartoon monster face with EC 

I've always been a bad person. Cf. my Outlook profile image at my job in 2012 as well as a "funny" coke bottle I shopped in 2014.

I’ve owned the Truck Nutz fan page on Facebook since 2009 and have been getting increasingly unhinged in my DMs

I feel like a law student taking the bar over and over again, I keep failing

Is this poor taste? Openstreetmap draws a series of bars over places marked as prisons.

Thank you, 1.25 liter bottle, for telling me how much more liters 1.25 is over 1.0. I had forgotten elementary school fractions.

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