I found this on my phone from 2012. “Subrise.” Why did I make it? Why did I have the follow through to do something this dumb? I have been on my bullshit for far too long now.

Not the dumbest thing I’ve spent $2 on. Thanks, @tootapp, for finally making Masto accessible to 𝘮𝘦𝘯.

Candy straw

Advantages: candy
Disadvantages: pretty much everything else about it—it melts and makes your pamplamoose taste like sour kids pamplamoose and also melts shut and stops working as a straw and it makes a mess

I caught a Groudon earlier and look who I finally saw for the first time when I got my camera out. It’s August 2018 up in heeeeeere.

Finally doing it, deleting for good. Tired of how mean and dunky the whole Birdosphere is. Everyone’s performatively outraged and trying to outdo each other in why the last thing they posted was a bad take. I don’t understand why it’s such a rage factory.

Masto is capable of being just a bunch of fellow weirdos being silly and having a good time and that’s nice.

Dare you venture to peek into my forbidden drawer of mechanical keyboards?????????

The 💅🏻 makes sense because I use it ironically so much, but I don’t recall using 🌹 any time recently


Finally caught a Ho-Oh like a year and a half after they were cool. It’s not even a very buff one.

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