Oh neat, “mayonnaise is as spicy as I’ll go” really *is* a core part of white culture:

@jasonscheirer it's amazing how it'll shift with no cognitive dissonance either: at my job with almost all white co-workers it would be "fine" to heat up garlic bread or hot wings in the microwave, but I got little snippy comments every time I heated up curry (not even real curry! Just frozen meals)

@Louisa @jasonscheirer one of my friends takes it as a point of pride when she orders a dish and the server goes "ooh... um that's kinda spicy are sure?"

@jasonscheirer @baturkey oof, I'm always trying to avoid that and not always succeeding

@Louisa @jasonscheirer I think you genuinely like a wide variety of food without being weird about it

@Louisa @jasonscheirer yeah it's fascinating how cumin (cumin!) is The Offensive Spice That Makes You Stink now

... meanwhile we go around smelling like spoiled milk and that's Just Normal body odor

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