It’s my birthday! I’m 36, an age that doesn’t matter.

This year I plan on:

* Accelerating the pace at which I am greying via a combination of stress and sleep deprivation
* Forgetting everything I can, mixing up my days of the week, general confusion (see: sleep deprivation)
* Discovering at least one new thing daily that I could do 10 years ago but can’t now (eating spicy foods, sleeping on the ground, etc)
* Making references to 15 year old memes to younger coworkers, having to explain them

@jasonscheirer Happy birthday! May you explain 'all your base' to many future generations.

@jasonscheirer happy birthday, these are very attainable goals

@badical I used to think you were still young in your 30s when I was a kid. Welcome to age!

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