I talk about diarrhea a lot but that’s only because of my constant diarrhea

🎵I don't want a lot for Christmas🎵
🎵Just revenge on everyone🎵
🎵Hear them plead and cry for mercy🎵
🎵Make them pay for what they’ve done🎵
🎵I just want destruction reaped from what they sow🎵
🎵Powdered bones underfoot like snow🎵
🎵Make my wish come true🎵
🎵All I want for Christmas you’ll rue🎵

My brain is bad and the fact that I have to watch this dumb sketch several times a year is evidence of such: nbc.com/saturday-night-live/vi

Hell yes samTrans just keeps getting better. Free transfers! No more out of SF fee! As a transit aficionado this pleases me.

We put more bullets in your happiness, now you can shoot more people. Happy.

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