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Hello I have converted this into a backus naur form grammar.

<G> ::= Gay <J>
<G> ::= Geoff
<J> ::= Jean <G>
<J> ::= Jeoff

You, a fool: I like to drink cola! It’s a sparkly treat!

Me, doing boring shit at work: i'm hot, i shouldn't have to do this

I love living in the Bay Area, technology capital of the world. Living in such an advanced place has advantages such as *checks notes* an entire city not having electricity for 36 hours?

one time in elementary school I got a whole bus of kids to chant "PEER PRESSURE, PEER PRESSURE, PEER PRESSURE!" and frankly there's absolutely nothing more powerful than a crowd of children that knows EXACTLY what they're doing

I’m at the point where the cough is strong enough to set off the gag reflex so now I get the pleasant surprise of a mouth full of vomit every fifth cough or so.

This winter’s cold and flu season has been, for me, sheer unadulterated majesty.

This guy’s Boston accent is legit. I’m not sure where he’s from, but my guess is Waltham

jeff bezos getting divorced proves that he hates all unions

I’ve had this cold long enough that I’ve established a favorite cough syrup.

folks i have a plan to hoodwink some of these Very Online libertarians. just hear me out, here.

what if... :thinkhappy: :thinkhappy:

Policing isn't just a system that solidifies the class and racial order - it also big business.

I think that frogs are magical and spend their nights making mushrooms grow

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