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Stop eating what you're eating and throw it out the window right now! It'll be fun!

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Talking about computers 

All these years I was all "how the hell do people know what they can do to an app with Applescript?" and today I discovered `File | Open Library...` in the Script Editor app.

I'm sorry for talking about Linux 

Doing `./configure --prefix=/home/jscheier/back-on-my-bullshit` so now `~/back-on-my-bullshit/bin` is chock full of all kinds of ancient garbage I built because I could.

I'm the proud owner of a bunch of weird screwdrivers now because I needed to open my PS4 to clean it out and it uses weird screws.

I probably won't ever own another console system, I'll just have an x64 Linux box hooked up to my TV that can play my Steam library in Proton. I have to find my old Steam controller, it's hiding somewhere in a box.

What a cool garage!

(↑ What I want you to say about my garage)

Hans from Stuttgart, meet Hank from Statesboro. This is gonna be a fun few weeks of defederating from new domain if the far right manages to bully nerds into setting up fediverse servers for them.


I sure do hate how my piss smells when I’m on antibiotics

Poop joke 

‘The McRib is back’ is what you say when you have to poop after eating at McDonald’s

Hammering nails into boards because I hate nails and boards

I have done you the favor of saving you the work of having to go through a chart to determine which vibes I give off as well as determining the vibes for you, as I am a charitable person.

This new flowless has me saying “neat, a new flowless”

Seems like a lot more complaining than I’m used to hearing that this past year was a bad one. Have people always been this negative and I’m just noticing or did something happen?

I’m here to hang dong and chew bubble gum, and I’m all out of dong

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