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First day titles on the next gen Nintendo console:

• Donkey Kong reboot
• Shenmue 4
• Mario is Missing! 2
• Cooking Mama Ultimate Collection
• Kirby: Waffle Stomp
• Capcom vs. Tetris
• Wario in Prison
• Bisbee, Arizona Games

Their response the superior hardware of the next gen is the same Nintendo quality gameplay we’ve come to love.

I'll kiss myself with the powers given to me by the witch with whom I have made a pact and I won't even need to give up any ribs

Today I:

• Took my toothbrush out of the holder
• Rinsed it off
• Put it back in holder
• Realized what I did and took it out again
• Put toothpaste on it
• Started the motion of putting it back, caught myself
• Brushed my teeth
• Put it back in holder
• Took it back out
• Rinsed it off
• Got the toothpaste out
• Realized what I was doing and put the toothpaste away
• Rinsed the toothbrush again
• Put the toothbrush away

So yeah, you can say I’m doing great mentally.

Girls born before 1993: as soon as you’re born you start dying
Girls born after 1993: as soon as charged phone hot chip lying

Watching the Star Wars movies in episode number order for the 3rd time to see if it makes sense to someone who has never watched them. Still not making sense.

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Linux talk, I’m so sorry 

In these trying times, just remember how many popular songs are about butts and find comfort in that. All those butts. The universal.

Gonna feed my private livejournal posts from 2006 to an ebooks bot and let the angst and Belle and Sebastian references consume the fediverse

Making ram-don for lunch. Y’all are invited over for a lawn party later today.


There’s nothing wrong with watching Air Traffic Control playlists on YouTube all day long.

You argue with those pilots, for the Lord. Every goose a plane barely misses is a point for the good guys. You did say 7L and not 7R, that clown is taxiïng on the wrong runway. Squawk on 1220.

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