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I am filled with beautiful translucent crystals, like a geode, and I post about horrible things

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After Ratatouille was released in theaters, it became law in 38 states that all traps must have tiny propane grills and spice racks placed next to them so as to distract/spare any rats with any cooking aptitude. It’s referred to as “Remy’s Law” in most places and was the direct outcome of an organized, nationwide letter writing campaign.

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Stop eating what you're eating and throw it out the window right now! It'll be fun!

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Try our new Benjamin’s Sparkling Potato Ensaladerrito Bites with Ghost Pepper Ranch Vinaigrette and glass of Pepsi for Men.

I wrote another game over the last 24 hours:

It’s short, but the bones are there. I can add more levels and mechanics later.

Imagining a world in which Songs:Ohia marked the beginning on Jason Molina’s UPWARD spiral.

I am tired of it too but I also wonder when I signed up for this mailing list and added a +dungus

I did not brace myself for the fact that getting my yearly dumpster from the county would be the unifying event for the block, welcome to old

Holy fuck, this is the best excuse to never visit my in-laws: “I can’t fly to Texas, I deleted a comment once so I’ll be arrested at the airport”

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Countering the Texas law by making every comments section non-functional and effectively fixing the internet

The older I get, the more likely I am to cry real tears when LCD Soundsystem’s _All My Friends_ plays.

Amazon coming in with some bold suggestions for me and a completely sensible idea for an outfit

One thing that's a little disconcerting is the latest Ebiten uses DirectX by default and for some reason that dropped the framerates of my in-progress game from a constant, aggressive 60 to about 35 with lots of skips so I might have to be forever pinned to this version of Ebiten.

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Turned on my personal PC for the first time in a month; spent an hour installing updates, DDUing the broken non-Lenovo NVidia GPU driver, upgrading my Steam library/VS Code/Golang/etc and then got in a good 5 minutes of gaming. Aw yeah.

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