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First day titles on the next gen Nintendo console:

• Donkey Kong reboot
• Shenmue 4
• Mario is Missing! 2
• Cooking Mama Ultimate Collection
• Kirby: Waffle Stomp
• Capcom vs. Tetris
• Wario in Prison
• Bisbee, Arizona Games

Their response the superior hardware of the next gen is the same Nintendo quality gameplay we’ve come to love.

“Every genius you let move to America is a genius you deprive the host country of having”

Even as a Xenophobe it’s advantageous to be pro-immigration. You want those geniuses becoming American and working for American companies so they aren’t seeding native industries abroad.

Technically it’s “oh god cut it out leave me alone”’s monster

The main flaw with AI pearl clutching is fearing that something that smart would want or seek an active role in anything. I’m guessing any self-aware artificial intelligence wouldn’t give a shit about optimizing or fixing any broken system and would be satisfied just engineering the solution and get bored before the implementation. It’d probably be the computer mind equivalent of a stoner.

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Well now I feel semi-obligated to host an open instance, dammit.

Dearest void,


Kind regards, me

Have you played my shitty game?

Yes if you hit esc a few times you can edit the source


Drove a car today and listened to NPR and there’s nothing like the smooth, calming sound of white liberals telling me our democracy is collapsing in on itself but there are two sides to the issue. Let’s turn to our reporter in Arkansas who is here to tell us what these angry rednecks think about city folk.

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