Good morning!

I can't stop thinking about "Homecoming." I have listened to it in its entirety about 4 times and I have cried at least 6 times at various times in it.

This album/film deserves a book-length annotation and analysis of all the Easter eggs, samples, and callbacks, but until we have that...

I've started a playlist that will grow and be reordered as I go; it's inspired by a "Paul's Boutique - Paul's Boutique" playlist that similarly deconstructed that album:

I could see it coming all week and no amount of preventative self care could stop it.

For the next four to six days, I present to you HYPOMANIC JASON

So the next time you see a three year old speak fluent Mandarin and then say “fuck off” mid sentence know I did it

Sat on a bus for 45 minutes this morning and got to teach a kid whose grandpa was asleep a few swear words

“I mean it’s technically a sub sub toot so I’ll piss on my piss and keep crying”

Staring into bathroom mirror, bottom off, shirt still on, crying into mirror “why can’t I stop pissing????”

Look, if you like this I will not bother subtooting anyone. I will piss myself.

Is there a zine that's like, prepping but for collectivists? As in "when the 18-wheelers stop coming, here's what to do." How to grow food in soil you can't test, how to make abandoned buildings livable, how to maintain and create organization with your neighbors, food preservation, medicine, etc

Something you can stash in a drawer for just-in-case, to keep your neighbors alive in case of collapse. I'd definitely buy one

My wife works next to an ice cream sandwich factory so guess what we’re having for dinner

phooey to all nonbelievers, scamps, losers with ankles, and dust chompers.

warm howdy's to all smog huffers, little dudes, surf cow, and warblers

Hey, kids! Who wants to drink from the fire hose?
the firehose=socialism

i hate mainstream news media writing about strikes, "in labor strike, both sides feeling pain" who fucking cares if the abusive capitalists are feeling pain you bootlickers, thats the fucking point

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